Curvy Backdrop CNC File – Curly Backdrop DXF File

  • Curvy Backdrop CNC file - Curly Backdrop DXF file
  • Curvy Backdrop CNC file - Curly Backdrop DXF files


Curvy Backdrop is a cut-ready ‌DXF files intended to be cut from metal using a CNC cutting system plasma, laser, and water jet cutters and can be scaled to any size to fit your design needs.

It is a extraordinary element for your outdoor. These are good clean CNC file that will cut clean.

Curly Backdrop features ‌wedding backdrop or party backdrop.

Curvy Backdrop ‌DXF file artwork can be edited with your own beautiful Custom Design and different width and height. Order Now!.

Dimensions: ‌6ft x 4ft.

Formats: DXF

Steel Thickness: any

Files Delivery: Files are delivered Instantly once you complete the secured purchase through a secured downloadable link.


Technical Notes For Curvy Backdrop:

Curvy Backdrop DXF files is Cut-ready DXF files will cut clean with no additional surprise cuts. This sign can be scaled down, but this is limited by your machine type and its cutting beam-width.

Steel Thickness: any

Kerf Width: Files were optimized for up to a cutting beam width of 0.08 in (2.032mm).

If you want to edit the design for kerf width higher than mentioned above we can help you with it.

Quality Guarantee

– Curvy Backdrop CNC file is a cut-ready downloadable DXF file that has been reviewed and tested by our engineer for compatibility with various CNC cutting systems.‌

– The DXF files are perfect for CNC plasma cutter with low number of nodes.

– Files are delivered Instantly once you complete the secured purchase through a secured

Custom Design Services

Want a CNC file made just for you? No Problem at all, just tell us about your custom design and let us design something special, made just for you.

Resizable DXF files:

These DXF file can be scaled down to be smaller, but this is limited according to your machine type and cutting beam width. All our DXF files are designed considering the minimum cutting beam width is 0.0625″ (1.6 mm). If you need help or face problems scaling the DXF files, feel free to contact us and leave your comment; we are glad to help you.

Need To Know

You are purchasing a CNC file (digital download) that has been designed to cut on A CNC plasma cutter. Please note that all software programs will read DXF files in a different way. If your program does not import clean lines with our ‌DXF file we will work with you to export them in a way that works or we will give your money back. We’re here to save you time and make you money, please trust that we will do our best to not hold you back from that.


Our DXF DXF files can be used to make your own finished product(s) to sell. However, we ask that our  CNC file themselves not be resold, shared, or distributed in any way. This includes modifying our designs and redistributing, selling, or sharing them.

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