Fire Pit Grate for Cooking Fire Pit Grate Custom Order for The Modern Minimal Fire Pit Size 30″x30″x12″


Bring home the essence of outdoor adventure and culinary delight with our Fire Pit Grate for Cooking DXF files.

Designed for those who appreciate the union of craftsmanship and functionality, these files are ready to breathe life into metal and fire, creating a stunning fire pit grate that doubles as a cooking platform.

Perfect for CNC plasma cutting enthusiasts, these files deliver impeccable detailing and guaranteed compatibility with your cutting system.

  • Impeccable Detailing: Inspired by the rugged charm of the Jeep Gladiator, this fire pit grate is not just a cooking accessory but a statement piece for your outdoor space.
  • Grill-Ready Design: Equipped with notches crafted for skewers, this design seamlessly transitions from a grill to a central focal point for social gatherings.
  • Optimal Dimensions: With a robust presence of 48″X25″X24″, the grate fits comfortably into a variety of outdoor settings.
  • Cutting Beam Precision: Our DXF files are perfectly optimized for a cutting beam width of up to 0.08 in (2.032mm), ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time.

Technical Notes:

  • Resizable Design: Scale the files to your specific needs, catering to the capabilities of your plasma, laser, or water jet CNC machine.
  • Steel Thickness Flexibility: Designed to accommodate any steel thickness, providing versatility for your project specifications.
  • Quality Guarantee: Thoroughly tested for compatibility with various CNC cutting systems, our files promise a clean import with precise lines. If any issues arise, we’re committed to making it right.

License Information:

Upon purchase, you gain the right to use these DXF files to produce and sell your finished grates. However, reselling, sharing, or distributing the files themselves is strictly prohibited.

Custom Design Services:

Desire something unique? Let us tailor a custom CNC file to your vision. Share your design ideas with us, and we’ll craft a one-of-a-kind file just for you!

Order Now:

Instantly receive your secure download link upon completing your purchase and start crafting an outdoor cooking experience like no other. Should you need assistance or encounter any scaling issues, our supportive team is ready to assist.

Take the leap and transform your backyard into a captivating hub of warmth and gourmet grilling. With these Fire Pit Grate for Cooking DXF files, your craftsmanship will light up the night and delight taste buds, all season long.