Portable Fire Pit, Custom Metal Art Fire Pit – No Welding Needed

  • Portable Fire Pit Custom Metal Art Fire Pit - No Welding Needed
  • Portable Fire Pit Custom Metal Art Fire Pit - No Welding Needed-01
  • Portable Fire Pit Custom Metal Art Fire Pit - No Welding Needed-02


  • First of all This Portable Fire pit is ready to tell a great story about your Love for your camping mates and Care for your backyard.
  • Also, this Fire Pit will give you the freedom to take it anywhere anytime because you can disassemble in no time and carry it very easily.
  • Imagine Your self always enjoying the camp or outdoor trip, because you have the most versatile Fire Pit.
  • You can choose to customize it and cut your family name or your favorite team logo.
  • Your friends will never miss any occasion in the backyard, beach, and camp because they have the perfect Fire Pit.
  • Cut the file at your nearest machinist and you are good to go with your portable Fire Pit because No Welding Needed.
  • Amaze Your customers with the perfect Portable, take anywhere -Easy to assemble- Fire Pit.
  • You are going to have a very heavy duty Portable Fire pit with such great value.
  • It is just as beautiful to take a part of your Camp or your Backyard.


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  • Portable custom metal art Fire Pit DXF file is Cut-ready for you CNC cutting system ( Laser, Plasma, Waterjet )
  • This DXF file can be modified easily with any CAD software like Autocad
  • Please feel free to request a Custom Design if you want either a different fire pit size or a different steel thickness.
  • Our DXF files will cut clean with no additional surprise cuts.
  • All DXF designs are optimized for a minimum cutting beamwidth of 0.0625in (1.6mm).
  • Regarding your machine’s cutting beam width, we can modify the design to match your machine’s cutting beam width, just Contact Us anytime.
  • Our designs may contain open lines “open loops” so, if your machine or your software doesn’t accept open loops please Contact Us and we are happy to send you the modified file.
  • Review the tables below for more detailed specifications.

Dimensions of The  Fire Pit – Assembled (INCHES)

Length: 32 in.
Width:    30 in.
Height:   17 in.


7 Gauge USA Standard Steel, Thickness 3/16 IN (4.8 mm)


  • 67 X 32 Inches (1.7 X 0.85 m) Which Will cut the Assembly in One Go
  • For Small Tables, Please Contact Us to Send You the Modified File

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Quality Guarantee

  • All artwork on DXFstore has been reviewed and tested by our Engineer for compatibility with various CNC systems.
  • These DXF files are perfect for CNC Cutting machines with a low number of nodes.

Custom Design Services

  • Want a design made just for you?, No Problem at all, Just tell us about your Custom Design and let us design something special, made just for you.