Nautical Star Free DXF File

  • Nautical Star Free DXF File Plasma and Laser Cut DXF File for CNC
  • Nautical Star Free DXF File Plasma Cut DXF File Cut-Ready
  • Nautical Star Free DXF File Plasma Art CNC Cut-Ready DXF File


  • Nautical Star Free DXF File features beautiful nautical star illustrated in artistic lovely theme.
  • Enjoy your time with your family and friends this magical free DXF file that will give your place touch of love and warm feel.
  • Once fabricated, it will be a fantastic addition to your home, bedroom and outdoor in a lovely yet refreshing theme.
  • Nautical Star Free DXF File artwork can be edited with your own beautiful Custom Design and different diameter and height.
  • Check the beautiful signs of Monogram Plaque Letter I Decorative Floral Frame and Free DXF File Hot Rod Classic Car
  • You can edit the design with your amazing custom design, Order Now!


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Technical Notes

  • Nautical Star Free DXF File for CNC plasma cut will cut clean with no additional surprise cuts.
  • The design can be scaled down, but this is limited by your machine type and its cutting beam-width.
  • Dimensions (inches) : 10″ W x 10″ H
  • Number of points : 79 points
  • Available Formats: DXF and SVG
  • The File is optimized for a minimum cutting beam width of 0.0625in (1.6mm).

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Quality Guarantee

  • Nautical Star Free DXF File is CNC cut-ready and has been reviewed and tested by our Engineer for compatibility with various CNC systems.
  • The Files are perfect for CNC Cutting machines with a low number of nodes.

Custom Design Services

  • Want a design made just for you?, No Problem at all, Just tell us about your custom design and let us design something special, made just for you.





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