U.S. Military Star DXF file


  • U.S. military logo DXF file emphasizes the U.S. Army star logo
  • Also, The star itself is a representation of the white star emblazoned on U.S. military vehicles during World War II.


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Machinist Notes

  • In the first place, U.S. military logo DXF file is Cut-ready for your CNC machine ( Laser, Plasma, Waterjet )
  • Of course, you can modify this DXF file easily with any CAD software like Autocad.
  • Furthermore, Our DXF files will cut clean with no additional surprise cuts because of this design reviewed by our engineer for additional not needed cut points.
  • We are optimizing all our DXF designs for a minimum cutting beam width of 0.0625in (1,6mm) so that preserves the design’s elements premium appearance quality.
  • Furthermore, The U.S. military logo DXF file is designed to be cut from 14″ to 24″ tall and you can cut it smaller if Laser or Waterjet was used.
  • Regarding your machine’s cutting beam width, we can modify the design to match your machine’s cutting beam width, just Contact Us anytime.
  • Most noteworthy, Feel free to request a Custom Design if you want to add your Dad’s name or your friend’s name.
  • Review the tables below for more detailed specifications.
Dimensions Of U.S. Military Logo Dxf File 10.7″ W X 14.0′”H

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Quality Guarantee

  • All artwork on DXFstore has been reviewed and tested by our Engineer for compatibility with various CNC systems.
  • These DXF files are perfect for CNC Cutting machines with a low number of nodes.

Custom Design Services

  • Want a design made just for you?, No Problem at all, Just tell us about your Custom Design and let us design something special, made just for you.







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