Collapsible Camping Stool – Heavy duty – No Welding Needed

  • Collapsible Camping Stool - Heavy duty - No Welding Needed
  • Collapsible Camping Stool - Heavy duty - No Welding Needed



  • First of all This Collapsible Camping Stool is ready to tell a great story about your Love for your camping mates and Care for your backyard.
  • Also, this camping stool will give you the freedom to take it anywhere anytime because you can disassemble in no time and carry it very easily.
  • Imagine Yourself always enjoying the camp or outdoor trip, because you have the most durable camping stool.
  • You can choose to customize it with you your beautiful design and cut your family name or your favorite team logo or whatever you want.
  • Your friends will never miss any occasion in the backyard, beach, and camp because they have the perfect stools ready anytime.
  • Cut the file at your nearest machinist and you are good to go with your portable collapsible stool because No Welding Needed.
  • Amaze Your customers with the perfect Portable, take anywhere -Easy to assemble- camping or backyard stool
  • You are going to have a very heavy duty Portable stool with such great value.
  • It is just as beautiful to take a part of your Camp or your Backyard.
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  • Collapsible Camping Stool DXF file is Cut-ready for you CNC cutting system ( Laser, Plasma, Waterjet )
  • This DXF file can be modified easily with any CAD software like Autocad
  • Please feel free to request a FREE Custom Design if you want either a different camping stool size or a different steel thickness.
  • Our DXF files will cut clean with no additional surprise cuts.
  • All DXF designs are optimized for a minimum cutting beam width of 0.0625in (1.6mm).
  • Regarding your machine’s cutting beam width, we can modify the design to match your machine’s cutting beam width, just Contact Us anytime.
  • Review the tables below for more detailed specifications.

Dimensions of The  Camping Stool – Assembled (INCHES)

Length: 14 in.
Width:    14 in.
Height:   17 in.


7 Gauge USA Standard Steel, Thickness 3/16 IN (4.8 mm)


  • 40 X 20 Inches (102 X 51 ) Which Will cut the Assembly in One Go
  • For Smaller Tables, Please Contact Us to Send You the Modified File for free

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Quality Guarantee

  • All artwork on DXFstore has been reviewed and tested by our Engineer for compatibility with various CNC systems.
  • These DXF files are perfect for CNC Cutting machines with a low number of nodes.

Custom Design Services

  • Want a design made just for you?, No Problem at all, Just tell us about your Custom Design and let us design something special, made just for you.