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Want to start selling your DXF files, but haven’t decided on the right marketplace? DXFstore isn’t just the biggest amazing DXF files marketplace for professionals- our quality stuff will give you great opportunities to increase your sales and get your designs seen by some of the biggest customers in the industry.

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What You Will Earn?

Because we support you while you do what you love designing DXF files, here are all that you earn:

  • $50 For every 100 approved designs you add, that means $500 for 1000 designs.
  • Flat earning rate 50% on the net sales of your products.
  • Example:
    If you uploaded 200 designs and sell 150 items with a total amount of $1000
    you will get $100 + $500 = $600.

Products Rules.

Our expert staff will help you make more money and handles customers so you don’t have to, your products must comply to the following:

  • Quality: The acceptance of the products will be restricted only to high quality and unique designs only.

  • Copyrights: You should have the copyrights to all the designs you add.

  • Price: We put our ultimate care to our customers for the good of sellers and the store. The price of the products should be fair and the store admins have the right to change the prices of your products to a fair price to the vendor and the customers.

  • Product Images: the images must be high quality and doesn’t contain any type of words/watermarks
  • Editable: All your designs must be editable by the customers and not locked.

  • Editing: Your files may be subjected to check by our experts to help you provide high-quality designs and minor changes could be applied to your designs before approval. You will be notified of any major changes required.

  • File Size: For the large size files, you may not be to upload them yourself, in this case, our staff will take care of this for you. Just send us the files named with the exact product name you want. 

  • Limitations: Fortunately, at the current time we don’t have limitations on the number of products uploaded.

  • Fees: No fees for uploading the products.

  • Contents: The designs with the following content will not be approved:(Personal, Properties, Brands, Porno, Gambling, Alcohol, Religious)
    Our staff will help you decide if you are not sure.

  • Formats: We mainly accept DXF files, also SVG files are recommended and any extra formats you can add to help CNC users.

DXFstore Rules.

  • Discounts: All your products may be subjected to discounts anytime, the discount may be on the overall marketplace or on specific collections. Your earning will be calculated at the price of the sales.
  • Full Access: All your products will be subjected to our full access bundle plan that will give some of our premium customers the ability to download any products from the marketplace at a $0 price. 
  • Refunds: Satisfaction of customers is our goal and we proudly the only digital marketplace in this industry that guarantees 100% money-back anytime, this gives us very high ratings from our happy customers. Hope you are ready to share with us this success.
  • have the right to update these term without prior note the seller in favor of greater customer satisfaction and after change applied DXFstore may send a not to the sellers


  • The payment methods we offer to collect your earnings are PayPal and Payoneer.
  • Once the order placed and fulfilled your earning will be available in your due amount and we will be ready to send you the amount but we may delay the payment of the earnings a few days.

Track Earning.

Once you complete the sign up and log in to your seller account you will get access to a dashboard will enable you to upload/edit your products and monitor your sales.

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